"Originaler starter som kopier"

"If you do not change direction you may end up where you are heading."
Lao Tzu, fundet hos Steve Gadd

"Hvis du tror, at du er for lille til at gøre en forskel, har du aldrig haft en myg i sengen!"

"A problem is a chance for you to do your best."
Duke Ellington

"Necessity is the mother of invention"
Peter Erskine

"When I was younger, I played as if my life depended on it. And maybe now I play as if someone else's life depends on it"
Peter Erskine

"I consider every drummer that ever played before me an influence, in every way."
Buddy Rich

"If a beat feels good, you can hear a song before any other instruments are even played."
Steve Jordan

"I like to be spontaneous in the studio. I fell if you have to play something six or seven time over and over again, it wasn't meant to be"
Travis Barker, Dec. 2006

"I told people I was a drummer before I even had a set, I was a mental drummer."
Keith Moon

"The noisiest drum has nothing in it but air"
English Proverb

"You know the drum was the first instrument beside the human voice"
Billy Higgins

"The difference between the men and the boys is to be abel to play a 4/4 groove for five minutes nonstop.
Concentrate on how this is going to feel rather than drowning the band with ratamacues and having your legs do five things at once"
Luis Conte, Aug. 1998

"You make a mistake and that happens to take you in a new direction.
Without that mistake you stay in the same place"
Giovanni Hidalgo, Feb. 2000

"Miles taught me a lot about playing. He said, "Don't bang, just listen and play""
Airto Moreira, April 2000

"There are a million sounds in the drum. Trying to find the exact right one?
Forget it. All Your life you will look for this."
Giovanni Hidalgo, Feb. 2011

"I've heard some producers say, and I know what they mean, "I dont't want anyone to notice the drums on this song.""
Josh Freese, Feb. 2004

Citater fra Billy Angelo Stella:

"If you want to be good . . . practice. If you don't . . . stop coming for lessons and wasting your parents money."

"What you have in drum equipment has nothing to do with how you play."

Hov hov, den der skal slettes! Det er jo en trommebutik det her!

"Gentleman to Bill: "I used to play the drums in a band."
Bill: "Why did you stop?"
Gentleman: "I got married""

"Mother to Bill: "My son practiced. He did everything right."
Bill to Mother: "And you know all about what he was to do?"
Mother to Bill: "Hell, no! I'm a nurse! I know nothing about drums. He told me it was right."
Bill to Mother: "Well, he told you a lie!""

"If you want to ROCK . . . learn how to play JAZZ"

"Pete G.: "I'd give my right arm to play like you."
Bill: "Uh, Pete, you kind of need that arm to play!""

E-Mail from Fred N.:
"I am inquiring about drum lessons. I 'DON'T' want to read music or learn any fundamentals. I want to play strictly ROCK!"

Colleen F.:
"I really practiced a lot, I broke my drumhead!"

"The statements that I hear the most from drummers is about improving ability to play fast tempos. This type of playing approximately 132BPM (and up) is, no doubt, a physical feat. Playing fast 8ths, 16s, swing, shuffle etc. with the rhythm hand (right or left handed) requires technique and practice...If you have tried repeatedly and you still can not get your hand to play those quick notes, try this suggestion: Rather than long endurance playing, try playing no more than 4 measures at a time and then stop. I begin my students with one bar only....then 2....then 4...always ending with an accent rather than the & of 4 to finish a phrase. Short bursts of accurate brilliance are better than long drawn out endurance playing to develop a good foundation for begining to increase speed. Moeller Method is a super way to move quickly and also dispell this tension."

"It's always a perfect time to get started"

"Let drums be your new journey"

Pasted Graphic

"Your car is German. Your pizza is Italian. Your falafel is Lebanese. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Brazilian. Your movies are American. Your tea is Tamil. Your shirt is Indian. Your oil is Saudi Arabian. Your electronics are Chinese. Your numbers Arabic, your letters Latin. And you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant? Pull yourself together!"